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Ferno Model 87

Church Truck

Made of strong, rectangular, aluminum tube, the Model 87 Church Truck features a protective, adonized finish that keeps the truck looking bright and shiny-new as well as making it easy to clean. The stable x-frame undercarraige and rubber rests help to secure the casket. Six-inch, rubber tires roll easily over carpet, sills and other obstacles with quiet dignity. When moded without a casket, a special, built-in handle allows the truck to be pushed, pulled or carried.

The Model 87 Church Truck locks in four positions, allowing a wide range of casket sizes to be displayed with one truck. The additional length also increases the stability and makes an attractive appearance.

L88chtrwhl.jpg (6669 bytes) L88chtrbum.jpg (5145 bytes)

Swivel Wheels

Bumpers &
Height Positioner

LCTm88_H.jpg (17686 bytes)

Ferno Model 87-H

Church Truck

L88chtrbl.jpg (13322 bytes)

Ferno Model 88

Church Truck

Designed for those who prefer a compact truck, the Model 88 extends to 47 inches long. The construction is of anodized aluminum, rectangular tubing. The protective anodized finish keeps the truck looking bright and shiny-new as well as making it easy to clean. This truck features six-inch wheels and a frame that will lock in three positions.




Folded 7 12"            19 cm      28 3/4"         74 cm     
1st intermediate position 16 1/2"         42 cm 28 2/8"         73 cm
2nd intermediate position    24"                62 cm 27 1/2"         71 cm
3rd intermediate position 39"             100 cm 24 1/2"         63 cm
Fully extended 47"             121 cm 21 1/2"         55 cm
Width 22"                56 cm
Weight 32 lb             15 kg
Load Capacity 1000 lb       454 kg

Order 88 for silver finish, 88-B for bronze finish, 88-BG for blue-grey finish and 88-G for gold finish.

Church Truck Levels

L88lev1.jpg (4514 bytes) L88lev3.jpg (9070 bytes) L88lev4.jpg (6702 bytes) L88lev5.jpg (4584 bytes)


Ferno Model 88-H

Church Truck

The frame on Model 88-H locks in three positions, measuring 47 inches long when fully extended. Convenient, fold-out carrying handles make it easy to lift the truck with casket over obstacles such as curbs or door sills. Four, six-inch locking wheels standard.

LCTm88_Hcr.jpg (10486 bytes)



Ferno Model 87/88-F

Frame Attachement

Lattice metal frame attaches to truck at six points, roviding strong, lightweight drape mounting.

L87flev1.jpg (8964 bytes)


Ferno Model 87/88-D Drape

For Models 87 and 88 Church Trucks

Rich velvet in gold, sapphire, burgondy, evergreen and silver-grey. Not compatible with Models 87-H and 88-H.

Burgundy Velvet

Silver-Grey Velvet

Blue Velvet

Gold Velvet

Evergreen Velvet



Ferno Model 110

Showroom Truck

LSTm110.jpg (9114 bytes)



Ferno Model 112

Showroom Truck

LSTm112.jpg (5680 bytes)



Ferno Models 401 and 402

Church Truck Covers

The Ferno Church truck Covers allow you to protect your church truck from dust and other airborne particles while in storage.

The Model 401 is designed for use on Church trucks without drapes, while the Model 402 is designed for church trucks with a drape attachement.

Models 401 and 402 are available in burgondy, blue or grey Cordura.

L401covb.jpg (10713 bytes)


L156RolSys.jpg (6096 bytes)

Ferno Model 156

Roller System

The Ferno Mortuary Division's revolutionary Model 156 allows any stock extended vehicle to carry all of your needs. The only modification needed is removal of the bier pins. The Model 156 mounts to the floor and has the same style roller system as the Model 124. Yet, it can also be used to carry a cot.

The Model 156 can accommodate caskets, cots, and most airtrays. With the wide range of products it can carry, you can rest easy knowing that you do not hvae to remove or add a product from your vehicle for it to be ready for use.

Note: The Models 156 and 124 do not have the same mounting configuration.



Length 89 1/4" 227 cm
Width 24"   61 cm
Height 2"     5 cm
Weight 40 lb    18 kg
Maximum Load 1,000 lb   454 kg 

Bier pins are not included.


L156knob.jpg (5638 bytes) L156Pcup.jpg (4943 bytes) L156rolf.jpg (3945 bytes)
1/4 Turn Knob Built-In Rollers Built-In Post Cups

LCN_888C164_R.jpg (6122 bytes)


Ferno Model 124

Adjustable Casket Table

Model 124 will adjust to fit various vehicle sizes. By placing bier pins in appropriate openings, the table will accommodate infant and child caskets as well.

Order bier pins separately.


Maximum Length 92 1/4" 237 cm
Minimum Length 82 1/4" 211 cm
Width 27 1/2" 71 cm
Height 2" 5 cm
Weight 28 lb 13 kg
Maximum Load 1000 lb 455 kg



Ferno Model 575

Bier Pin Storage plate

2" x 2" ( 5 cm x 5 cm ) .16lb ( 73 gm ).

L575b.jpg (3600 bytes)

Ferno Model 576

Bier Pin Complete Set

L577ACLIPp.jpg (6448 bytes)

Ferno Model 577-A

Adjustable Bier Pin

L577A.jpg (6798 bytes)

Ferno Model 577-S

Adjustable Bier Pin

L577Sb.jpg (4121 bytes)

Ferno Model 573

Single Roller Assembly

Height: 2" ( 4 cm ) Width: 4" ( 10 cm ) Length: 13" ( 34 cm ) Weight: 4 lb ( 2 kg ).

L573b.jpg (2472 bytes)

Ferno Model 574

Dual Roller Assembly

Width: 4" ( 10 cm ) Length: 24" ( 60 cm ) Depth: 2" ( 5 cm ) Weight: 3 lb ( 2 kg ).

L574b.jpg (2659 bytes)